Best Fanny Pack Hip Bags for Summer 2020 Festivals

January 29, 2020

Best Fanny Pack Hip Bags for Summer 2020 Festivals

WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT our favourite 90s accessory tipped for the spring/summer season 2020 would have worked. Fully feeling the summer season we say its 'not too late' to be one of the cool kids. Rap star and singer Fergie steps out in Los Angeles looking beyond chic with a designer quilted fanny pack. Whilst trend setter Kendall Jenner demonstrates the cool way to embrace this retro throwback.

The handy accessory originated in the 80s and has evolved through the ages. Whatever you call it - fanny pack, bum bag, hip purse - the fundamentals stayed the same, it was nylon it was big and it was bright. Full on 80's power.

Things didn't really catch on until the 90s when mega sporting brands like Nike and Fila revived it deviating a little with materials, styles and sizes. The more zips and pockets the better and the brand logo gave you ultimate cred.

2020 and fashion is more diverse than ever, its all about the bright, the shiny, the sporty, the big and the small.  Anything goes, as Nike say "just do it'. You can be confident you are on trend opting for sporty chic or super sophisticated like Sarah Jessica Parkers red carpet nod to the frenzy with a Chanel purse belt.

Since we haven't a red carpet event in the diary we'll be sure to have ours ready for this glorious summer season and the odd festival date along with one for everyday wear...just because we like them and we can.
Don't delay, join the Fanny Pack Fever NOW ( come and see our selection here )and don't forget the kids. Not only will they be super cool, but this accessory could be the best thing you buy for the little ones because the yare so practical - again, who would have believed it!



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