Creepy Rabbit Mask - Burlap Bunny Mask - Scary Halloween Mask - Handmade Custom Props - Adult Horror Mask

Brand: Crooked Crow Masks

Color: oatmeal potato

Details: Experience the Ancient Power of Masks.
These Creepy, Scary Rabbit purge scarecrow style masks are built in a multi-step process on a papier-mâché base, using ancient and traditional techniques.
They are cut on a template, so they are all the same size and shape, and then overlain with naturally stained and hand-painted fabric grade burlap.
They are about 15" long and 10" wide with hand-painted jagged wooden teeth.
The mask ships flat, but you can gently bend it to fit the curve of your face.
It is pretty easy to see out of this mask, but no one can see the person inside very well.

Hand painted with waterproof acrylic inks. Studio quality painting and design work.
Lightweight and Sturdy
Adjustable 1" cotton twill tape ribbon ties are 18" long.
Comfortable Lined with soft eco-felt
Not water-proof, fire-proof or bulletproof
Free First Class Shipping

Your mask will ship within three days.
My creations ship in handmade recycled cardboard boxes.
I have many decades of experience designing and making masks, costumes, headdresses, puppets and monsters in Alaska, Europe and Asia.
I make masks for movies and TV, photographers and special events.
I have been featured in newspaper, magazine and online articles over the years.
These mask are so much fun at Halloween! And wow, you can make some fun, weird, photos with it. For costume ideas, find me on Instagram.
Make this holiday one to remember - Adult Halloween Horror Costumes & Scarecrow Purge Masks.
I love colors, and design, and I love to help people shine.
Whimsical to wistful, elegant to woodsy, I can make something to suit your personal style.

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