Handmade Purge Mask - Light Up LED Unique Mask

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Brand: Improper Engineering

Color: Depends on choice

Details: Unlike some of the others available online the mask is fully 3d printed so you know you're getting a unique mask that your friends wont have. This means it's not mass produced from across seas and is made right here in America for each and every order.

You're sure to stand out at your next event with your hand made mask. You'll get everyone's attention at parties, raves, halloween events, theaters, festivals, cosplay, streets, ultra, burning man, EDC, EDM, coachella, electric forest, bonaroo, concerts, and even some dreams :) Since these are hand made, custom designs and modifications are available including multiple colors, mask designs, add ons(see the last image with white along the mouth line), etc. Message me if you're interested in any of these.

The mask is constructed of high quality 3D printed plastic. It has a low-poly look to it(think Porygon, the pokemon).
The glow is from EL wire NOT LED as most LEDs won't give a long, consistent glow. Since it is EL wire the control box may put off a slight high pitched whine which is common with CCFL's and EL wire - don't worry with a little background noise you'll never hear it. It runs on 2 AA batteries(not included) and can last anywhere from 8-24 hours of continuous use depending on the color. I can upgrade this to a rechargeable battery for an additional fee. The battery pack has a long lead on it as well as a clip for easy attaching. You can also put it 2 different light modes; Steady On, Fast Strobe, Slow Strobe. Nose and mouth holes are sized well enough you can breath with no issues and you can still speak and have people understand you - crazy concept with masks for this to be an issue for some reason. The band is made out of headband elastic strapping that can be adjusted and can easily be replaced if needed. It's very comfortable and be worn for hours on end - I've done it for photo shoots. The band also ensures you can move around pretty energetic without it falling off.

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