Stunning Large Black Feather Angel Wings


  • Perfect for angel, fairy, butterfly, evil queens, mardi gras, photo shoot prop and more from angelic to gothic with stylish feathers - Fabulous if you're going to Pride or Burning Man
  • This flexible blackbird/raven/crow inspired wing measures 30 x 28 inches (76. 2 x 71. 1 cm)
  • This lightweight wing can be formed into multiple looks by sculpting the wired wing. You can wear them open, up or bent over the shoulder
  • Adjustable elastic straps can be tightened under the arm allowing for a comfortable fit for any size

Details: Add Style and Flare to any Outfit or Costume to Stand Out from the Crowd! Quick Shipping For Last Minute Costumes And A Fun Addition For Many Occasions. These medium sized Blackbird feather wings are made with dyed rooster Coque Tails and measure approximately 30 x 28 inches (76. 2 x 71. 1 cm). The base of these feather wings is uniquely made with felt and wire which make them light weight but flexible. They can be worn in several ways to create different looks depending how you bend the wire in wings. Can Be Worn Open, Bent Away From the Body, or Shaped To Appear as if They Are In Flight. Hot glue is best to repair broken feathers and straps. SUGGESTED USES: Feather Wings make fun Costumes for Halloween, Holiday Trimmings, and Home or Event Decor. Feather Wings also make great props for Photography shoots, or stage and screen. SIZE: 30" x 28" (can also fold over shoulder)

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