About Us



With a Mother as the Wardrobe Mistress of the BBC, I grew up playing amongst wicker trunks stuffed with costumes and wigs and every conceivable accessory from every period imaginable -  a crazy combination of school holidays resembling something out of Alice in Wonderland and the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe all fed my imagination and left me with a lifelong enduring love of all things Vintage and with a story to tell.. 


So fast forward past having far too much fun at University and a few years in Advertising and Marketing Hell and I returned to that childhood love and started selling Vintage clothes and making accessories to  wear with them..  One day at a Trade Fair in Paris my neighbour was a Venetian Mask maker and so it began..


Before long I was making my own designs up, growing too big for the top floor of our draughty Edwardian home and moving the business into an even more draughty huge Studio space as well as being lucky enough to take on the best Art Graduates in the world as my assistants and have a steady stream of talented and wildly keen undergraduates on student placements..


Our masks were unique and we soon sold throughout the UK but more importantly huge amounts Internationally and once  the Press discovered us it was full on crazy, sending masks to LA for a shoot with some hot young thing like we were popping out for milk..


Juggling all  this with a toddler was interesting to say the least so when I was lucky enough to get pregnant again I was determined to do it differently this time around.

All too aware how hard it is to be a Boss, A Mum and a Creative all at the same time I was determined to bring the business back full circle whilst this Baby is still small - so this is the latest version of Samantha Peach Masks.. I have the assistance and enthusiasm and input from an incredible bunch of ladies, and each one of us does it juggling kids and/or other jobs and commitments - meet themhere



I've had a Gorgeous Timber Studio built at the bottom of the Garden( bifold doors..sunshine..swoon..) and run the business from there along with Gill, Amanda and whoever else we rope in given half the chance..


Life is good my friends..x