Q: I wear glasses, which masks will be suitable for me?

A: For females, a large percentage of the Masquerade masks are available on a stick, these are lightweight enough to carry easily all night.


Q: How will I know if the mask will fit my face shape?

A: Some people find the masquerade bases uncomfortable around their eyes, the easiest solution is to go with a stick version of the mask you've fallen for, a stick version is held up to the face rather than being tied around the head and will gently sit on the bridge of your nose away from your eyes completely, plus it averts any issues or worries about the mask working with your hairdo on the night, or it slipping down - if in doubt, go stick!

If you really don't want a stick mask, then your best bet is to go for a Venetian mask as these all have larger eyeholes and are traditionally shaped to fit more comfortably against the face, I only use authentic Venetian mask bases actually made in Venice too so they really are a world apart from the nasty chinese " Venetian Style" masks you can buy.


Q: How do I know if what I want is in stock to buy straight away? 

A: The automatic stock keeping programme ensures you can only purchase an item if it is actually in stock


Q:What is your return policy?

A:There is  a returns policy  less shipping charges within 14 days of item received - occasionally I sell seconds on a low sale price with no returns, this will always be marked clearly on the items page


Q:  Can I collect from your premises?

A:   The studio is at the bottom of the garden of our family home so don't have customers here BUT we have more stockists all the time in gorgeous shops owned by the loveliest people you'll ever meet ( we're very picky about that kind of thing) - check the page to see which one is nearest to you to go and scoot down for a trying on session, and give them a big hello from all of us here!


Q:  I am looking for a large number of masks, can I get a discount?

A: Oh yes, click here  for everything you need to know about buying in Bulk, how I can help Charity Balls and the 20% off coupon codes  offered for anyone throwing a bash whether it's their Birthday, Wedding, Works Do or a Huge Masked Ball.


Q: I haven't received a confirmation email of my order, how do I know it has gone through? 

A: The automatic system will send a confirmation email for each order. If you have not received it then 9 times out of 10 it will have been diverted to your Spam folder ( this is particularly the case with Hotmail and AOL email acounts). The other common reason is simply that a customer accidentally misspelt their email address as they placed their order.