Classic Black Mens Masquerade Mask - made in Milan

Brand: Samantha Peach

Color: Black


ITALIAN QUALITY - all of our Men's Classic Collection are made for us in a small factory in Milan

MODERN DESIGNS - We offer designs that are effortless and classic, with an understated vibe that nails what you want for your event 


Samantha Peach has made and sold masquerade masks worldwide from her studio in Nottingham, England for over a decade now.

They provide with all their most popular designs so Amazon customers can get their masks with superfast Prime shipping, as years of experience has taught them that nearly everyone leaves buying their mask until the last minute

This Classic men's collection starts off in a small factory in Milan, the bases are made for Samantha Peach by a small Italian company that has no website, speak little English and are all the better for it - Italian craftsmanship is appreciated the world over and with good reason

The bases arrive at their small British studio where it's all about the ribbons, a Samantha Peach mask can be recognised even from the back by the handstrung double satin ribbons, the equivalent of an excellent pair of shoes or trainers speaking volumes about a laidback outfit

Samantha Peach knows that the vast majority of men want a mask that is subtle, good quality and effortless 

It's  exactly this that has led to collaborations with Universal films for the men's mask used for their promo events worldwide, and regular features with photographers and stylists

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